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Arshdeep Soni

@Inner Sloth

I thought he was gonna give away airpods. Lol


he was hoping for airpods

@Jayden Camilleri

easy to do he didn't cut the wire he just cut a string or some other rope that looks like the wire of the headphones get exposed

@Arshdeep Soni

Where is the Early Squad at?! 😍

@Razeesh Neupane

people who think it is real 🤡🤡🤡🤡.. once you please check his right hand first finger


Who’s here in 2021


so staged 😂

@David Singh

The rope which you cut its different and you didn't cut the headphones... Am I right?




i thought u were gonna give him airpods

@Esme Burford

staged 😂


tHe AcTiNg Is So GooD!😳

@ŠèRèèñ AľhaMåŗshéh

You hide something in the palm of your hand 🖐


he would have noticed his music stopped I'd it was real


Never trust in magic it’s a sinn spread the gospel

@Tangy Incubasta

you are holding the part that got cut with your right hand.

@Pavan Kumar

wow what a magician @[sulk][sulk][facewithrollingeyes]


super trick...

@binkle the Pokemon

bruh that's the best acting ever 😶😶😑😑😑😑😑😑😑


Please watch my last video Guys😔👀


jeez so many firsts


I am the white wizard and the white wizard is the hybrid the hybrid has banned all dark magic and all Blood Magic to a different dimension


Not witch wizard

@Arshdeep Soni

This is why you need airpods 🤣


oh my god

@Creator Jamal

So obvious that he had a spare wire in his hand....


I thought you were finna give him airpods lol💀😂


this is why you get airpods

@Vijay ff

his thumb finger is secret

@funt. PK

Hi nice



@Nasir Nicks


@Krishna Singh



Wouldn’t he realize his music is still playing



@🔥Suraj bhatta🔥



wow...good job...nic video

@Dinesh Bajrangi



he was holding the spot the headphones hot cut on

@Harish challa

thumb finger magic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@Horvat Sander

omg tha't it's cool😱😱

@Samad Zishan


@°🌿💛🐱° •Enemigos

guata fats ?????[surprised][surprised]


All he did was he tied it in a knot


How staged do you want this to be? Him: Yes


He got string and did it lol


No he’s not a witch he just messes around with a black magic JINN DEMONIC ❤️☝🏽



@Arshdeep Soni

"He's a Witch ehnn" 🧙🏻‍♀️

@🖤Wednesday Addams🖤

his a witcha🤣🤣

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